Porsche Digital Key

Cars meet smartphone technology

case study

Porsche is looking to improve their Porsche Connect App which will allow car owners to utilise their iPhone to replace the need for traditional car keys.


UX/UI Designer on a solo project set by Love Circular.

Red Route Analysis | Interviews

Pre - Red Route Analysis

I brainstormed with other UX/UI Designer from the Love Circular team to see what kind of features were cropping up most when we thought about our likes and needs as drivers preparing for a journey. Here’s what we came up with:

After this, I narrowed it down to a few critical needs that came up in our brainstorming session. I took these features and asked car users how useful and how often they’d use them.

The most crucial features are linked to safety and saving time.

I carried out interviews because I wanted to know what opinions people had about digital keys, their expectations, and perceptions.

How did I minimise bias?
No misleading or intentional guidance, asked empathetic questions to explore emotion, and addressed doubts such as safety concerns surrounding a digital key. Based questions on user's own car related habits for organic answers.

  • Safety is a major concern when it comes to adopting a digital key and it’s the main deterrent for using a digital key.
  • Users don’t want to make the switch if it’s going to require more effort- it needs to be seamless.
  • The app needs to be personalised and take into consideration people’s lifestyles- this will encourage user retention.
Worst Possible Idea | Crazy Eights

Ideation Techniques

Worst Possible Idea

  • Come up with as many bad ideas as possible.
  • Explain what makes them bad.
  • Think of solutions for bad ideas.

Crazy Eights

  • Eight sketches
  • One minute to sketch each idea
  • Present to the design team- in my case, my users as this is a solo project.
Wireframes | Final interfaces | Design Principles | WCAG Guidelines

Final Interfaces

Breakdown of Design Principles

Skeuomorphic design

The fuel and temperature dials mimics real-world Porsche components. This makes it easier for users to interact with the app because it's exactly what they see in the car. This is an effort for the app to blend seamlessly into the user's lifestyle.

Mobile Heat Map

This shows where users click the most.

Fitt’s Law

Touch targets (lock/unlock/start engine) are placed in areas of an interface that allows them to be easily acquired.

Aesthetic Usability Effect

Digital key looks more aesthetically pleasing than a regular key therfore users will perceive it as more usable.

This mobilizes users to make the switch from a regular car key to a digital key.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines Checklist


Hit Targets

Text Size


High Resolution




I showed my final design to a few of my participants from the interviews I carried out and here’s what they had to say: